August 23, 2023

Key design win marks Cerence’s progress in bringing immersive experiences to new areas of transportation, including trucking

BURLINGTON, Mass., Aug. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cerence Inc. (NASDAQ: CRNC), AI for a world in motion, today announced that Boson Motors, a Bay Area-based electric truck company, has selected Cerence to enhance the in-vehicle experience in its wide range of electric trucks. This marks an important design win for Cerence as it expands into new areas of transportation, including trucking.

Boson Motors is revolutionizing the trucking space with its fully electric trucks, capable of operating off-road and carrying loads up to one ton. Beyond the vehicle’s engineering and mechanics, Boson is leveraging text-to-speech (TTS) from Cerence to further humanize the experience in its vehicles. Cerence TTS lends enhanced emotional intelligence and personality to Boson’s vehicles, delivering a natural conversational AI experience via an updated driver event notification system that improves the driver’s interactions and enhances productivity.

“It’s our mission to make clean, autonomous mobility solutions that leverage cutting-edge technology accessible to all,” said Arun Seelam, Co-Founder and CEO of Boson Motors. “We’re excited to partner with Cerence to bring their decades of expertise and extensive knowledge of the mobility user experience to our vehicles, making the overall interaction experience more natural and human-like.”

“As Cerence expands to new areas of transportation, we’re proud to partner with OEMs like Boson Motors, who is leading an important transformation in trucking through advanced electrification and autonomy,” said Stefan Ortmanns, CEO, Cerence. “By integrating Cerence TTS into the in-vehicle experience, Boson will bring an enhanced level of productivity and emotional intelligence to its electric trucks, advancing toward an immersive in-vehicle experience.”

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