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The need for voice-powered interaction is only increasing as consumers search for more contactless options and reconsider even the smallest details of their daily journeys. Leveraging our decades of automotive expertise, we deliver turnkey products that incorporate our core technologies in powerful new ways for new mobility markets. We deliver industry-leading innovation, enabling voice-first, AI-centric experiences in simple, easy-to-deploy platforms for OEMs across mobility.

Cerence for Trucks

Cerence Link

The trucking market is ripe for disruption – and now, Cerence’s industry-leading, AI-powered voice assistant technology is available for OEMs and fleet managers looking to redefine the in-truck experience. Through advanced AI and a flexible integration approach, Cerence supports safer and more efficient journeys for truck drivers.

With Cerence, the in-truck experience is:

  • Safer: E.g. advanced driver assistance system, emergency vehicle detection, vital sign detection
  • More efficient: E.g. fuel optimization, truck-specific parking and navigation support
  • Brand-enriched: E.g. unique wake up words, full control of in-vehicle experience


Cerence Ride: for Two-Wheelers

2 Wheeler Platform

It’s time to reinvent the two-wheeler experience. Two-wheeler OEMs can now reap Cerence’s automotive know-how to provide an unparalleled voice assistant experience for e-bikes, scooters, and other two-wheelers. Through connected technology that leverages the rider’s mobile device, Cerence Ride supports distraction-free navigation, ride planning, vehicle tracking and more.

Transforming two-wheeler rides with connected technology:

  • Supports Android/Linux OS
  • Out-of-box Bluetooth headset support
  • Support for mobile device as extended dashboard
  • Synching of phone with display unit along with projection of phone on display unit.

Supports distraction-free navigation, ride planning, vehicle tracking, service reminders, etc.

Cerence Link

Cerence Link

As cars become increasingly connected, the gap between new and old models widens. Drivers who don’t have the latest and greatest built into their cars are left without smart and connected features that deliver relevant information and enhance safety, productivity, and comfort on the road. Cerence Link brings the newest innovations to all drivers – not just those purchasing the latest car models.

Cerence Link is a comprehensive software and hardware offering that bridges the technology gap between connected and non-connected cars, working with vehicle systems to capture diagnostics, sensor data, car location and other useful information. It includes a mobile app, which is a critical piece of the experience, providing a rich interface for voice-powered interaction, location-based services, and trip history and insights.

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