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Professional Services

Professional Services

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform our everyday experiences for the better – enabling customized, secure, humanlike voice engagements for today’s hyperconnected consumer.

Brands may have an AI vision, but navigating the explosion of new technologies available and meeting tight development timelines while retaining control of their customer relationships can make turning those visions into real experiences a challenge.

We are here to help. Cerence’s team of global experts in voice and AI offers a broad range of services developing and supporting the roll out of next-generation in-vehicle interaction – for Cerence solutions and beyond.

You have the brand vision. Let us make it a reality.

Cerence Product Support

We champion

We champion

A unique brand experience drives loyalty. We deliver custom Cerence solutions under your brand identity, helping you retain and grow intrinsic value without giving up control. This includes:

  • Speech control as part of your unique HMI/GUI
  • Unique voice for your brand and wake-up word
  • Dialog customized to your brand needs and special brand functionality
  • Custom dealer support and content creation
  • Adapting to your product lines and updating change on demand
We design

We design

Our multidisciplinary teams share a profound understanding of human-centered design and the need for speed, and we have extensive experience deploying Cerence applications globally. We put the end-user experience at the forefront of what we do, offering:

  • User journey and experience design
  • Voice UI design and specification development
  • Wake word definition and implementation
  • Grammar design and localization
  • Cloud dialog and business logic development
  • Wide grammar and NLU model development
  • Embedded dialogue and business logic development
  • Text-to-speech prompt tuning
We engineer

We engineer

We know the best AI solutions do not stand alone. Our expert team offers end-to-end support, from custom development and integration to steering partner coordination to ensure Cerence products fit within – and maximize the potential of – your broader AI strategy. This includes:

  • Platform integration
  • Embedded and Cloud Arbitration
  • Navigation context data production
  • End-to-end testing of Cerence product integrations
  • SSE Algorithm porting and tuning

Innovation Services for the Automotive Ecosystem

We envision

We envision

A design-led approach enables us to seamlessly bridge the world of OEMs and the dynamic landscape of software and IP platforms. We design and deliver digital in-vehicle experiences for customers that create new revenue streams and business models while exceeding their end-user expectations. This includes:

  • Drawing on deep product-design expertise to conceive, build, launch, and scale intelligent products and services
  • Bringing together Cloud, data, design, connected technology and end-to-end testing
  • Helping customers navigate the complexity of new product development
  • Increasing value across the product life cycle
We engineer

We engineer

We help our customers streamline software engineering to drive greater efficiency and resiliency across products and platforms leveraging automation, AI, and Cloud technologies. We offer:

  • A full range of engineering solutions covering the end-to-end development cycle
  • Compelling user-experiences and personalized product development
  • Integration with the latest technologies that get innovations to market faster
  • Services to ensure solutions meets global compliance
We support

We support

Keeping up with technology can be a challenge, particularly when the world is in a constant state of flux and every dollar counts. Leveraging our decades of global industry experience, we help:

  • Energize, transform, and extend the lives of customers’ mission-critical applications, freeing-up more IT budget for growth and innovation
  • Redefine customer experience with a human-centered and iterative approach
  • Design, develop, and implement strategies and skills that increase agility, accelerate change, and optimize business
  • Teach, launch, and scale methodologies that boost operations and maximize value

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