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Mobility applications from Cerence provide an added layer that enhances the overall user experience through expanded content and capabilities. From improved and more credible information about the car itself to unmatched on-the-go access to all types of general knowledge, we’re making the in-car assistant more intelligent than ever. Plus, we’re making the experience more fun with entertaining options like an in-car tour guide.

In addition, we’re also creating a best-in-class in-car experience that makes interacting with your car as close to interacting with another human as possible: a multi-sensory experience in which voice, eye movements, and gestures are all part of the conversation.

Car Knowledge

As cars have become more complex, navigating the many features, notifications, and warning lights in vehicles has become increasingly difficult for drivers. Cerence Car Knowledge provides drivers with the best answers and information—all of which are tailored to each individual car, its configuration, and the continuously learned preferences of the driver—via a companion application, voice output from the automotive assistant, and imagery displayed on the car’s infotainment system. Now leveraging generative AI, Cerence Car Knowledge is more intelligent than ever.

Cerence Car Knowledge

Fact Sheet Press Release

Consumers have become accustomed to asking their devices questions to get answers to a variety of topics – from weather, stocks and news to sports, entertainment and facts on just about any subject – whether at home or on-the-go. ChatGPT has only furthered this trend, bringing AI to the forefront of how consumers seek information. We’re bringing this same level of intelligence to in-car assistants in two ways:

First, Cerence Browse is an extension for Cerence-powered voice assistants that provides voice-enabled access to general knowledge directly from a car’s infotainment system, creating a natural and convenient experience. Users can ask questions to an automotive assistant and receive a spoken, natural answer that does not require them to take their eyes off the road or switch to another device. The best part: it offers one point of interaction for all uses cases, no matter where the information comes from.

Second, Cerence Chat Pro is the fastest and simplest way for OEMs to integrate ChatGPT with full control over the user experience. Chat Pro expands the conversational capabilities of the in-car assistant, enabling Q&A on virtually any topic. OEMs can define their own persona, maintaining their brand identity throughout the experience, and change answers at any time via a self-serve web-portal, ensuring accuracy and safety.

Search Engine and LLM-Based Intelligence

With enterprise-grade voice biometrics – the identification and verification of a user based on the characteristics of their voice – we deliver advanced levels personalization and security. Voice biometrics enable the automotive assistant to understand who is speaking, load their personal profile, authorize purchases by voice, and more.

With a spoken passphrase, Cerence Assistant can load a user’s personal profile, providing content and information based their preferences, including music, particular navigation routes, and preferred methods of beating traffic. It can even adjust seat position and temperature to saved, preferred settings. The user’s voice is their key to it all.


Cerence Look

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Cerence Look is designed to give the mobility assistant the intuition of a human copilot, enabling drivers and passengers to interact with points of interest outside the car. Using novel environment reconstruction, existing hardware, and car sensor data, Cerence Look arms the assistant with information about points of interest along a route and eliminates the need for users to manually search for information. Drivers can simply look at stores, restaurants and cafes, hotels, landmarks, and more and ask for contact information, hours, or even a rating. Look at a coffee shop and ask, “What is the name of that restaurant?” or “What is that café on my left?” for example.

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With a long history in text input, Cerence delivers the iconic Cerence Swype keyboard for mobility applications, bringing a vast range of input options for simple, intuitive interactions between drivers and their cars.

Cerence Swype enables drivers to easily enter text in the new era of digital cars. This product family includes the classic “Swyping” method – where drivers slide their finger from one letter to the other in one continuous motion – as well as handwriting recognition and traditional keyboard tapping. When applied to mobility settings, Cerence Swype is powerful tool for entering addresses, searching for points of interest, accessing car functions and more, enabling safe, speedy interaction with the automotive assistant. Cerence Swype has been optimized for operation on the touch screens and touch pads that are commonplace in today’s cars, with necessary adjustments based on the position of the driver relative to the screen.

Text Input

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